“Life’s too short to wear boring Jewelry”

Le Uniq Jewel, a brand under the company My Story, Inc., stands as one that provides diverse selections of Jewelry. They provide premium value through their Jewelry, taking pride in each piece’s craftsmanship, quality and design. Le Uniq Jewel guarantees that every piece of jewelry is at the highest standards while keeping their prices inexpensive.

For Jewelry with prices that range from P300 to P3,000, you can get that elegant and minimalistic look. Le Uniq Jewel believes that Simplicity can make a strong statement; they believe in extracting beauty in simplicity. They let their customers be able to admire the minimalist detail it holds; the stark lines, delicate curves and the subtle shimmer of crystals that makes each piece Unique.

The brand wishes to empower the wearers, each with a story. Each piece has its own unique style to appeal to the Uniqueness and diversity of their customers. They believe in providing their customers with an experience, rather than just simply advertising their products. Through the meaningful cards that come with each item, TheUniq aims to make their customers feel inspired and confident in themselves. To accept themselves for who they are and to embrace their own quirks and things about them that makes them Unique.

Their collection ranges from simple and elegant to bold and chic. The materials used would vary based on the kind of story that the company would want to portray. Le Uniq Jewel would mainly use Swarovski Elements, Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver. They even have a category called “Play with me” wherein the crystals could me moved and adjusted. There aren’t usually necklaces like this. It’s different and unique, just as their brand name suggests.

Le Uniq Jewel has launched their new collection that appeals to Millenials. Check their website https://www.leuniqjewel.com/  to see their other products and engravings. With each reminder from Le Uniq Jewel, it serves a much greater purpose of embracing one’s unique qualities and learning the value of acceptance of one’s self.